Isle of Wight COVID resources

This is a page of resources for Island organisations wishing to share COVID information with their residents/employees/volunteers.
Please download and use the following on your own social media, e-newsletters, print e-newsletters etc.

To use any of the graphics, hover your mouse over the image, right click and ‘save image as’. Remember where you save it!

If you’re on a phone. Tap and hold your finger on the image. You’ll then be given options. Choose ‘download image’.

We’ve also created some suggested social media posts and content for your use.

We publish lots of information on the Isle of Wight Council Facebook page. Please do feel free to share any of our posts with your network.

Isle of Wight social media graphics

Isle of Wight Stay home posters (pdf)

Download and print off the posters or share the links with your network.

Isle of Wight Stay Home banners for websites

Isle of Wight COVID-19 helpline graphic

Government assets for national lockdown

NHS and government assets for sharing


We have created a  Self-isolation flyer and a page on this website about self isolation. 

Suggested copy and images for social media posts/e-newsletters
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Mental Health
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