Names not numbers – Island COVID stories

Island residents share their experiences from the past year. 
Thanks to Vectis Radio for creating the audio files.

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Steve’s story

“It’s been pretty brutal. We’ve had to adapt quickly. It’s been tough.”

Listen to Ian Mac talk to Steve Young of Toymaster Ryde and Shanklin about his experience running a small business throughout the pandemic.

Sue’s story

“One of the things I’m really looking forward to is being able to sing again!”
Ian Mac talks to Rev Sue Theobald, Priest in Charge of St Johns with Holy Trinity, Ryde.

James’ story

“I do know that everyone will get through this eventually.”
Ian Mac talks to James Westmore, an adult learner at Vectis Radio. 

Matthew’s story:

“The highpoint has been getting students back in school”
Ian Mac talks to Matthew Parr-Burman, Executive Headteacher, Isle of Wight Education Federation; Carisbrooke College, Medina College and The Island VI Form.

Caroline’s story:

“I’m fit and well but I was amazed by how hard it hit me. I dread to think what it would have been like if I’d been more vulnerable. I still hear people saying that it’s just the flu. I can reassure you that this is not the flu. I underestimated how devastating COVID can be and I’m still living with the long-term effects.”
Listen to Caroline speak to Ian Mac about her COVID-19 experience:

Listen to the full interview with Caroline on Vectis Radio. 

Claire’s story

“I was absolutely devastated to discover I had coronavirus; I was so upset at the thought I could have infected work colleagues and petrified that the rest of my family might have caught it.

I was also scared about my asthma as I am prone to chest infections from viruses and considered how bad that is in some Covid-19 patients.

It also wasn’t nice to see the looks on my children’s faces when they found out.”

Listen to trainee nurse Claire talk to Ian Mac about her COVID-19 experience:

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